Four articles have now been published about the project, the history of nursing, the research method and the findings. If you are interested in reading further, the references are:

Thomas BG & Rosser E (2017) Memories of Nursing: research findings from an oral history study British Journal of Nursing Feb vol26 no4 p210-216

Richardson E & Thomas BG (2017) Memories of Nursing: nurses’ social status and the origins of the RNNH British Journal of Nursing Jan vol26 no1 p26-27

Thomas BG & Richardson E (2016) Memories of Nursing: a timeline of the profession British Journal of Nursing Oct vol25 no19 p1072-1074

Thomas BG & Richardson E (2016) Memories of Nursing: an oral history British Journal of Nursing Sept vol25 no16 p930-931

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