Oral History

Learning from history is an under utilised approach to life; we can often spend time recreating wheels and not learning from the achievements and failures of others who went before us. Capturing stories of the lived history of individuals is an opportunity to be amazed, inspired and stimulated by experiences from the past.

Analysis of the interviews has led to six themes emerging. In keeping with the tradition of qualitative analysis, these themes have been titled using words of some of the participants; they refer to responsibility, hierarchy, hygiene, formative experiences, notable patients and the opportunity that nursing offers to move around and see the world.

Audio clips follow under each of those themes sharing the words of some participants in respect of their own experiences. A final category here is that of war as many of the participants shared experiences of nursing during the Second World War. A number of clips are included as the insights are profound and worthy of sharing.

The clips vary in length from a few seconds to several minutes; the length of the clip is indicated on the bar where you click to start it playing. We think they are very interesting and hope you do so as well.


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