Photos from RNNH

Here is a selection of photos from the Retired Nurses National Home. Click on a photo to see the full image.

suggested layout of RNNH groundsground floor plan of RNNHRNNH 1971An aerial photo of RNNHRoyal VisitRNNH Annual Report 1938RNNH Annual Report 1956RNNH Annual Report 1965RNNH Annual Report 1971RNNH Annual Report 1982Christmas 1981Christmas Lunch 1981RNNH Annual Report 1984Matron ponders a problem 1983General Committee 1983Vice-Chairman at a residents gathering 1983League of Friends Chairman 1983Secretariat 1983Chairman of the House Committee (R) and her Vice-Chairman with Keny Baily the England Cheer-Leader 1983Annual Fete 1983Homefield College Orchestra at the Annual Fete 1983crafts at the Annual Fete 1983garden produce and bottle stalls at the Annual Fete 1983boarding the shopping coach 1983residents' Social Club Shop 1983upgrading the kitchen 1983 - beforeupgrading the kitchen 1983 - afterChapel at RNNH 1983RNNH Annual Report 1998new visitors accommodation 1997Chairman Mr Geoffrey Rowlett 1997League of Friends 1997pub lunch 1997coffee in the lounge 1997resident Miss McNeal in the lounge 1997resident Mrs K Butcher after a shopping morning 1997residents 1997residents' Christmas visit to Haskins 1997Christmas 1997Boxing Day lunch 1997

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