Audio Clips: Opportunity to See The World

‘I decided to have a move’

This theme relates to the fact that nursing is an occupation that enables people to move around, once qualified being able to gain employment either within the UK or overseas. Most participants moved from their homes in order to do initial training, a number then went elsewhere in Britain to do further training, for example as a midwife (doing part 1 in a hospital and part 2 in a community setting), many moved around the country throughout their careers and some also went abroad.

This nurse moved from the north to the south of England, finding a job quite easily:

This interviewee was particularly interested in travelling and sought out opportunities that would allow her to do so although her mother was very nervous at it was during the war:

and continues, discussing her time abroad:

Finally this participant shared her experiences of going to Canada when she bumped into someone who trained very near to where she had in London:

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